At WHITE, we quite simply believe that the mobile is an extraordinary medium.

Extremely personal and interactive, we take our mobile with us everywhere throughout the day. It is our regular and preferred medium for connecting with friends and family and accessing the information that we need, when we need it. What we call the Internet today will be always with us tomorrow, on our mobile.

Mobile Internet is here today

Mobile Internet traffic has increased nearly 500% in a single year; 8% of frequent mobile internet users access the Internet only through their mobile telephone and downloading contents with our mobile has now become routine.

It comes as no surprise that mobile marketing has become the ideal instrument for building a reliable and special connection to clients at all steps in the purchasing cycle. Media, brands and retailers are already developing some of their client relations through this channel. And the winners of the mobile Internet battle will not necessarily be the ones of the fixed Internet.

A complementary media. A specific media too.

The world of mobile multimedia is also quite specific with new user rules and expectations.

It is also a complex, extremely fragmented world. The size and diversity of screens, graphic and ergonomic requirements, mobile technologies themselves and user knowledge are all key constraints that require advanced expertise so that simple, effective services can be implemented.

We provide this specific expertise to you through our values:

  • Expertise in the mobile Internet
  • Simplicity of our products
  • Results and attractive ROI

The mission of WHITE is to guide our clients through the exciting challenge of mobile multimedia.