WHITE is a specialist in interactive mobile marketing services design and development.

The mobile media gives you the opportunity to establish new points of contact with your clients that maximise the effectiveness of your efforts in recruiting and loyalty development.

WHITE BOX: off-the shelf products

We offer a line of simple, packaged and expandable products.

Each product provides an optimal solution to a specific need that is perfectly in line with your marketing strategy: traffic and sales increase in point of sales, audience loyalty, launch of a media campaign.

To make this happen, we combine appropriate technologies, access modes and mobile tools to give an efficient answer to your specific mobile marketing strategy.

WHITE "A LA CARTE" : tailor-made solutions

Should you need personalised support, we guide you in the implementation of customised solutions: design and production of complex services or one-shot media campaign for example.

We then offer the consulting services, interface design and ergonomics, project management to develop your specific mobile solution.

You will have access to a robust technical platform and dozens of expert mobile service developers who design and implement phone applications, mobile websites, interactive text messaging, m-payment: we open our technological expertise to you.